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Safety Audits and Compliance - Playgrounds

At Island Recreation we can arrange for a qualified playground Safety Inspector CPSIA Certificate III to ensure your playgrounds and surfacing comply with Australian Standards.

Under current standards AS 4685.0 clause 8.5, “a comprehensive annual playground inspection shall be carried out.” This is in addition to school and councils doing routine and operational inspection.

“This inspection is intended to determine the level of conformance with the relevant parts of AS 4685 and establish the overall level of safety of the equipment, foundations and playground surfaces.” – AS4685

Safety Audits & Compliance - Softfall

Australian Standards specify that rubber softfall is required to be certified every three years – AS4685:2014, AS 4685.0:2017 and AS4422:2016.

Island Recreation has access to the expertise and the equipment to conduct rubber softfall testing using the TRIAX 2015 testing system. This will ensure your playground surfacing continue to meet Australian Standards.