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Park Fit

Parkfit, by Forpark is a market leading product for its impressive style, unique design, high quality materials and low maintenance, it’s changing the face of outdoor fitness equipment.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, ParkFit utilises the best European technology, incorporating the latest Rubber Resistance System (RRS) technology that offers a unique workout.

Parkfit offers a combination of moving and static stainless-steel apparatus to suit everyone, from the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) enthusiasts, secondary schools to the elderly who prefer to focus on flexibility and mobility.

Vault Bar

Tai Chi Wheel

Trapeze Rings

Wall Ball

Wobble Board

Parallel Bars

Step Up

Stretch Station

Cycle Seat

Dexterity Bar

Hand Cycle

Handstand Wall

Leg Lift/Dip Bar

Leg Press

Oblique Pivot

Overhead Challenge

Plyo Box Jumps

Pull Ups

Push Up

Quad Extension

Resistance Hook

Shoulder Press

Shoulder Wheel

Sit Up Board

Sit Up Board Inclined

Aerobic Walker

Back Extension

Bench Press

Body Twist

Butterfly Press

Chin Ups