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Fitness track

Fitness track is perfect for outdoor obstacle and fitness circuits. Utilised heavily in schools the equipment provides strength, ability, flexibility and just good old-fashioned fun! This is great equipment for simple daily PE sessions.

Pommel Walker

Push up bars

Rock Wall & Pole

Roll Over Bars

Roman Monkey Bars

Rope Climber

Sit Up Boards

Swinging Balance Beam

Tread Mill

Vertical Rung Climber

Aerobic Stepper

Arched Monkey Bars

Arched Roman Triangles

Balance Walkers

Burmese Bridge

Chain Net & Frame

Challenge Rail

Chin up Bars

Combat & Rung Climber

Commando Climber

Double Sided Rock Wall

Hang n Glide


Leap Frog

Leg Lift

Log Wall

Obstacle Frame

Tarzan Maze